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DPA is a local charity (previously known as DPAG) and was set up in 1990 by Churches Together in Dorchester at a time when most people had no idea that there was real poverty in this apparently prosperous area. For those suffering such hidden financial hardship, isolation creates an added burden.

DPA seeks out causes of poverty and ways to tackle them.  It makes financial grants (max £250) to help local people (DT1 and DT2 only) in a crisis.   Referrals must come from a helping agency (eg Citizens Advice, health or social worker, tenancy support, etc) who knows the circumstances. 

Throughout Covid and now in the cost of living crisis, the charity has continued to support local individuals and families.  During the 2022-2023 financial year the grants distributed increased by 47% compared to the previous year.   Money given to this charity goes entirely to local people.

Expenditure is going up - very fast:

  • in 2016-17: £7,625 was spent on 122 grants (average £63)
  • in 2022-23: £61,323 was distributed in DT1 and DT2.   This included grants to 208 individuals and families, to Citizens Advice for small grants to give out in emergencies and included £16,500 worth of Co-op vouchers, which were distributed to 12 local caring agencies to give out in emergencies (eg health visitors, mental health teams and Social workers) 


All DPA's income comes from donations, fund raising events and local chartiable trusts.  Regular donations are particularly helpful.  It is supported by local organisations and individuals, including the town and country Churches in the DT1 and DT2 area, but to meet this rapidly rising demand, it will need all the help that everyone can give.

Make a Donation and Make a Difference Today

If you would like to make a small or larger donation to Dorchester Poverty Action we will use your money to support vulnerable people in need who live in the local area.

You can make donations online now by clicking on the link at the foot of the page and making a payment by Debit or Credit card.

Follow this link to donate through this website or download a standing order form and a gift aid form if possible

Alternatively contact info@dorchesterpovertyaction.org.uk

Postal address for donations by cheque:  Dorchester Poverty Action, c/o United Church Dorchester 49-51 Charles Street, Dorchester DT1 1EE








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Download our leaflets about the charity, how a professional can make a referral for a grant, or how you can find out if you are eligible for a grant and how to access a referral.

Facts About Poverty In This Area

This appears to be a prosperous area but there are many people who really do need this sort of small-grant help. In a crisis just £250 can help to prevent a young family breaking up or an old person’s health being damaged or a mentally ill person’s future being destroyed.



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Where Does Our Funding Come From?

DPA is supported by local organisations and individuals, including the town and country Churches in the DT1 and DT2 area. All its income comes from donations, fund-raising events and local charitable trusts.



Donate to DPA We welcome your donations to enable us to provide financial help to people in poverty in the DT1 and DT2 area.  Donations can be made online via this website.  Stripe is DPA's provider for our online payment processing service, which is also able to claim gift aid on our behalf. Donations can also be m...

Where Do Your Contributions Go?

Grants are made of up to £250 to people living in DT1 and DT2 area who are in financial crisis. Coop gift cards of £10 are distributed through 16 local care agencies to people in acute need.


How You Can Help

You can talk to your friends about the fact that there is real poverty in this area and that it is often very hidden.

How to Get Help from Dorset Support Services

Here you will find information about local support services that might be of interest to you or people you know.


Churches Together

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