Dorchester Poverty Action says a big Thank you to Donors


15th January 2024

Dorchester Poverty Action would like to thank the very many individuals and organisations that have donated to the charity over Christmas.  The response has been amazing and we should be able to cover all the potential grants for the rest of this financial year.  However the cost of living is not going away and the need is growing year on year as more people cannot afford to replace their broken cooker, fridge or washing machine and risk getting into debt because of this.   As thank you letters received from people helped show, just £250 can make all the difference.   

For over 30 years the charity has been helping local people living in DT1 and DT2 when there is a financial crisis that could lead to debt problems.  With the amazing support locally the charity can continue to help.  For further information about the charity or to donate go to


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