Heating, Eating or Health - do you have to make the choice?


6th November 2023

All of us are seeing rapidly rising costs when at the supermarket or paying our bills.  However there are some in our local community who are now having to make the choice between heating, eating or whether to get their prescription.   At Dorchester Poverty Action’s recent Open Meeting, Caroline Buxton from Citizens Advice said it was getting so  difficult for some, that they are having to make really difficult decisions about whether to heat or to eat or if they can afford their prescription.  The organisation are now finding that however hard their debt volunteers try, for some families, they cannot achieve a balanced budget.  There is just nowhere to cut costs to make ends meet.  Her stark warning was Citizens Advice are now not just dealing with poverty, but destitution. 

Dorchester Poverty Action has been here through the “Cost of Living Crisis” helping individuals and families living in DT1 and DT2 cope with financial emergencies.  A grant of £250 can make all the difference between being in debt and managing the emergency.    These include when the car breaks down and you need it for work or you have a new baby and the washing machine stops working.  Clients are referred by professional agencies eg health visitors, social workers, tenancy support workers, Citizens Advice for a grant.  In the last financial year DPA saw the number of grants given rise by 47%.  Over £62,000 was distributed across DT1 and DT2.  Dorchester Poverty Action cannot keep helping at this rate without the generous donations of local people.  Everyone is having to be more careful financially, but if you can spare just a small donation to help local people, Dorchester Poverty Action can continue helping as it has done for the last 30 years.  

To find out more about Dorchester Poverty Action go to www.dorchesterpovertyaction.org.uk where you can learn more about the charity and donate online.  Alternatively cheques can be made out to Dorchester Poverty Action and sent to DPA c/o United Church Dorchester 49-51 Charles Street, Dorchester DT1 1EE.    Thank you.

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