How to Get Help from Dorset Support Services

Here you will find information about local support services that might be of interest to you or people you know.

How to Avoid Eviction

Have a chat with First Point’s YOU Trust ( They work to help people to maintain their accommodation, whether they live in their own homes, a private rent or social housing accommodation. Support workers can help with financial advice, legal help to deal with eviction threats, applications for social housing and the bidding process, resettlement assistance if going into new accommodation.

Clients can refer themselves or they can be referred by any other agency. There are drop-in centres to seek help across the area, including at Dorset County Hospital and in a shop in St Mary Street, Weymouth.

What to do if you live alone and are admitted into Hospital

The Discharge Support team at Dorset County Hospital  aims to ensure that no-one stays in hospital any longer than is necessary. The hospital staff refer patients to the discharge support team and an assessment is done based on what the patient can do and what they need to maintain well-being. Everyone should consider their need for care and support before they are admitted to hospital, and preferably before becoming ill.

If you are lonely and need to speak to someone, or just need some advice

The national 24 hour telephone helpline called Silverline  is free and confidential and has saved some lonely people from despair.

Telephone :  0800 4 70 80 90

Are you looking for help with a specific problem?

Look at our list of helping organisations to see if there is one that might be able to help you: