Dorchester Poverty Action thanks two Mayors


4th July 2023

Dorchester Poverty Action (DPA) welcomed Dorchester Mayor Alastair Chisholm to its annual coffee morning.    The event raised £1,655 to enable the charity to continue providing grants to those in DT1 and DT2 who are experiencing financial difficulties.  In the last financial year, the charity saw a 47% increase in the distribution of grants due to the cost of living crisis.  DPA still managed to raise £63,000 and spent £63,000 on local people.  £3,500 was given in grants for school uniform, another £19,500 was spent on supermarket vouchers for local referring agencies such as Citizens Advice and health visitors to give to their clients when needed.  Also 208 individuals and families were helped with a grant up to £300 to buy a washing machine, to repair a car so a person could get to work or to buy furniture for a care leaver’s first flat.    The charity is also very grateful for a recently received donation from another Dorchester Mayor, retired Mayor Gareth Jones, who donated £2,488 from funds remaining from his mayoral year during Covid.

Every penny raised is spent locally and makes a difference to local people, so thank you for all your support for Dorchester Poverty Action.

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