Heating or Eating - Do you have to make the choice?


11th October 2022

Heating or Eating – do you have to make the choice?

All of us are seeing the rapidly rising costs when we go to the supermarket checkout.  Most of us have been informed by our energy company how much more we are going to have to pay each month for our gas and electricity.  For those on a small, fixed income or those who are working incredibly hard, but on the minimum wage, these rising costs are overwhelming.  If you are already not managing to make your budget stretch, where do you turn if the car breaks down and you need it for work or you have a new baby and the washing machine breaks? 

Dorchester Poverty Action has been here throughout the pandemic helping individuals and families living in DT1 and DT2 cope with these financial emergencies.  A grant of £250 can make all the difference between being in debt and managing the emergency.    Clients are referred by professional agencies – for example health visitors, social workers, tenancy support workers and Citizens Advice - for a grant.  In the last six months grants given have more than doubled to 91, compared to 41 grants over the same period last year.  In one week this August over £2500 was given out in grants to 15 local families. 

Dorchester Poverty Action cannot keep helping at this rate without the generous donations of local people.  Everyone is having to be more careful financially but, if you can spare just a small donation to help local people, Dorchester Poverty Action can continue helping as it has done for the last 30 years.  

To find out more about Dorchester Poverty Action go to www.dorchesterpovertyaction.org.uk where you can learn more about the charity and donate online.   Alternatively, cheques can be made out to Dorchester Poverty Action and sent to DPA c/o United Church Dorchester, 49-51 Charles Street, Dorchester DT1 1EE.    Thank you.

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