DPA Chairman Dr Margaret Barker retires after 32 years


11th April 2022

Dorchester Poverty Action celebrates

Dorchester Poverty Action celebrated 32 years of Dr Margaret Barker leading the organisation.    Friends, donors, professional colleagues and the local clergy came together for a cream tea to celebrate the very many successes of the charity led by Margaret Barker.    Her name has become synonymous with the charity.   Over the last 32 years in excess of £100,000 has been given in grants to local people living in DT1 and DT2 at points of financial need, who have been referred by a local professional.    The grants are used for furniture for those coming out of care or from an abusive situation, fridges, school uniform, car repairs where a car is essential to get to work, nursery equipment etc.  Also every year over £5,000 is distributed in Co-op vouchers to 13 caring agencies.  Margaret was also instrumental as chairman in setting up Second Chance Furniture in Weymouth, the first Credit Union in Dorchester and the Hub for homeless people.    Margaret was awarded an MBE in 2013 for her work in the Dorchester area.  Councillor Molly Rennie, deputising for the Mayor, presented Margaret with a rose named Margaret. 

Although retiring from being chairman, Margaret is remaining as a trustee and is taking on the role of vice-chairman. 

For more details about the charity, how to donate and how, as a professional, you can refer a client living in DT1 or DT2, go to www.dorchesterpovertyaction.org.uk.

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