New DT2 fund launched


24th February 2022

The need to ‘level the playing field’

As many will know, the DPA is a local charity that helps local people who have hit a financial crisis.  We make grants to those living in the DT1 and DT2 areas. We are able to do this through the incredible support that we get from the community.

The requests for funding always come via a professional who knows the person and their circumstances. The needs for funds are varied, and might include requests for furniture, help with energy debt, school uniform, transport costs for hospital visiting, the scope is wide.

We get an average of 3 grant requests each week and we rarely say ‘no’. The maximum grant is currently £250 for one family or individual in any one financial year.

Prices are rising all the time and sometimes there is an urgent need for help where the cost is more than £250. In these cases, if the individual or family live in the DT1 area, we can approach the Dorchester Anglican Parish Trust Charity. This charity will often agree to match the amount the DPA is granting which makes an enormous difference to the help that it is possible to provide.

Unfortunately, those living in the DT2 area are unable to access this additional funding.

We feel that it is important to be able to offer the same provision to all our applicants. So we are setting up a DT2 fund that can be ring fenced to help ‘level the playing field’.

We are now looking to everyone living in the DT2 area and village organisations and groups to help get this DT2 fund up and running. If any groups would like more information or would like someone  to come and talk about our work we are very happy to see you and support any  fund raising activities you think about having

Individual donations are always very welcome as well.

Please donate either through the website  or cheques can be made out to Dorchester Poverty Action and sent to DPA c/o United Church Dorchester, 49-51 Charles Street and state if the money is for the DT2 fund.

Thank you.




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