Newsletter while we are unable to meet - October 2020


6th October 2020

What a year this has been of cancellations and disappointments! But we must be thankful that we are able to continue the work we are set up for and that, so far, we have enough money to do so.
The requests for grants come in rather erratically – some weeks are very busy and others less so. Since April we have made 46 grants, totalling £7,701, which have been for things like basic white goods for people being rehoused from abusive situations or from street homelessness, school uniform for children returning to school after months at home, washing machines that are beyond repair, beds for growing youngsters and a few more long-term situations caused by disability or debt.
Financially, we were fortunate to receive two grants from the Town Council and from the Poundbury Community Trust plus a cheque from Waitrose’s community support scheme and some generous donations from donors to the website. However, many organisations such as churches have lost a lot of income this year and only one has made a donation to DPA.  Recently we have noticed too there have been few new donors contacting us.
We have just increased our publicity as we have not been able to have our usual fund-raising and information events. An article has been circulated to the parish magazines in DT1 and DT2 area and to all the churches in the hope that this will stimulate some donations. We are also considering what to write for the Echo. Please do continue to do everything you can to remind local people that we are still here, still working and still in need of their financial donations and prayerful support.
We hope you are all well and have enjoyed some of this uncertain summer and we look forward to seeing you all again as soon as that is possible. 
Margaret, Wendy, Kath, Karen and Peter

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